Within the past decades PSA Constructors, Inc. has developed and managed amazing infrastructure projects, modern marvels that will remain as our legacy to future generations. 

We are very proud to say that our work has been awarded and recognized by clients and public in general all over the world. The following are just some of our achievements in the engineering area. There was no small project, no big project, each project was treated like the most important one where the goal was clear and simple, 100% satisfaction. Our experience in this area involves Aviation, Ports, Transportation and others.

The following links will give you more information about what we call our Infrastructure experience.

b Projects:
1. Orlando International Airport, Additional baggage handling systems, Orlando, Florida.
2. Orlando International Airport, Airport expansion, Orlando, Florida.

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Orlando International Airport Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Program Management - $16,000,000

PSA Constructors, Inc. provided Program Management services for the Southwest Airline Terminal A at the Orlando International Airport. The project consisted of the installation of additional baggage handling systems, which included curbside and check-in collection conveyors with associated lines from departure level to the sort systems in the Level 2 baggage room, additional vertical stairway core which includes escalators with a rated speed of 90 feet per minute, finish-out of toilet rooms, baggage claim lobby and baggage service offices. 

The Level 3 sector is composed of four check-in collection conveyors accommodating 42 check-in ticket counters.  The departure level also included three curbside input conveyors.  Both conveyor inputs decline to Level 2 ceiling space and traverse the building from North to South to the baggage room space.  Also, included is the toilet room expansion finish-out at the north end of the terminal, and construction of airline ticket offices and ticket counter lobby.  Included on this level is the finish-out of the Automated Ground Transportation (AGT) station connecting the terminal to airside.

Orlando International Airport Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Program Management - $11,000,000

PSA Constructors, Inc., in association with the PB/Greiner Civil Team, provided on-site Program Management for the expansion of the Orlando International Airport.  

The project involved close coordination among contractors, FAA and GOAA.  

The project consisted of clearing and grubbing approximately 150 acres, excavating about 1.5 million cubic yards of muck, 1.9 million cubic yards of backfill, and grading and drainage control structures.  The project was located on wetlands requiring dewatering and water quality detention practices.

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